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Sunday, March 15, 2009

We Have A Sitter!!!!

Abby is finally sitting unsupported!!!! She is still a bit wobbly and will fall back, but not nearly as often as before. She is eating lots of different things and starting to self feed. She is trying to crawl. I have no doubt that once she masters sitting she will be crawling all over. We can't wait to start baby proofing!!!! (Someone remind me that I just said that once she is into everything, lol)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Troublemakers

Abby's Progress

Abby still goes to PT twice a week and gets birth to three services at home. She is really working hard and has come a long way! She is still working at independant sitting, crawling and weight bearing on legs. She is talking up a storm and rolling all over trying to get into trouble! Her urology appt. is fast approaching, we are hoping for good news!

Logan's basketball

Logans recreation season has ended. Logan learned a lot about the game and some new skills. He had fun but is talking about doing hockey again next winter (woo hoo!!). He is now looking forward to spring soccer.

7 and 0

Brooke just finished her basketball season UNDEFEATED!!!!!!! She played point guard for the last game and did really well. She had never played this position before and showed a lot of potential. Congrats on a great season Brooke!!!! Now it is on to Wizard of Oz. She is playing the part of a munchkin and Thursday is opening night. Break a leg!!!