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Thursday, January 29, 2009

So Much To Say...

Well, all the kids are keeping us very busy. Logan (to the left in the shorts, dribbling)is doing his basketball on Saturdays now and Brooke has her basketball twice a week and she is also practicing for The Wizard of Oz. She also had 8 teeth pulled this week and got $10 from the Tooth Fairy! Abby is doing wonderful. She rolls all over now and is getting into mischief! We find her playing in the DVDs and sometimes she rolls into things and gets stuck. We have been waiting for this moment! She is talking up a storm now too. She says Mama, Hi, and makes lots of other noises like the B sound, S sound and T sound. HMMMM.... I feel like I am forgetting something, but what? OH, she is now saying DA DA!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Birth to Three came today

Where do I start? Abby's therapist got to see her rolling over. Now that she has started, she goes from one end of the room to the other. She worked on "crawling" to toys. Ab was starting to scoot on her belly, with help. She also worked on getting into and out of sit positions. Still is still very awkward for me. I also have some practicing to do. She was able to prop on her arms for about 6 seconds and did well propped and side sitting. She did some weight bearing exercises for her legs. She worked very hard for about 40 min. and definitely earned her nap today!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Well....on Saturday, Brooke told us that Abby rolled from her back to her belly. Today, Eric was able to confirm that. Keep it up kido!!!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Abby update

Abby had PT on Wed. This was a new therapist, so it was more of a meet and greet. On Thurs. Birth to Three came out and worked Abby very hard. She did a lot on the therapy ball and lots of sitting. She was helping Abby get into a sit position from being on her belly. As you can see in the first picture (the one on the table) she was very floppy a couple weeks ago. Abby will now sit for a few seconds without support and is still learning to roll onto her belly. It is amazing how much stronger she gets everyday. The B-3 therapist was very happy with the strides she has made. Now that her head control is better, we really need to work on upper body and core strength.
ABBY IS NOW SAYING MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo...sorry daddy :(

Brooke's game 1/16/09

WOW...What a game!!!! Brooke's team won 16-4. Brooke took three shots and GOT ONE IN!!!!
This was her first basket in a game! She got the rebound and went right up with it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today's ENT Appointment

Abby had her ENT follow up today. I am happy to report that her ears were free from fluid!!! Her initial hearing test that was done in December showed mild conductive hearing loss. It was decided at her appt. today that she would be followed up in 3 months with a regular hearing test and. Eric and I feel that she is hearing better. She reacts to sounds and her name from the side and behind, instead of straight on. Her balance also seems to be improved!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Brooke's first game

Brooke had her first game last night. They won with a score of 10-3, even though someone on her team shot on the wrong basket...oops!!! Brooke did great in warm ups and took to shots during the game. She had some great passes and did a terrific job on defense. Maybe next game she will have some numbers on the board!!
(Brooke is in the orange shorts, #14)

Abby update

I have been doing a lot of searching online for different ideas, suggestions and thoughts regarding all of Ab's medical issues. I came across a message board and started talking with other moms. One suggestion for "tummy time" was to use a portable dvd player on the floor with her Baby Einstein video. It worked great!!! 20 min the first night and 16 min the second night.

Abby has really improved over the past week. She seems to be getting stronger and will now turn toward someone calling her name and some sounds!!!! She is rolling over like a mad woman from tummy to back. Now that she has master this skill, it has been so hard to keep her on her belly!! She rolls onto her sides easily and with help did roll from back to belly twice last night. Currently she wears a patch on her right eye for 2 hours a day to strengthen her left eye, which is just a little lazy. She loves to make eye contact and will laugh at just about anything!

Today is the last day of the meds for her infection and tomorrow she will go back on the preventative meds.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Past and Current Meds.

Preventative or treatment meds, past and present
Macrobid (currently)
Ampicillin (IV)
gentamicin (IV)

Iron (currently)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Upcoming appts. for Abby 2009

Jan 15 (thurs) Birth to Three 11:00am
Jan 21 (mon) Birth to Three 9:00am
Jan 21 (mon) PT 2:00pm
Jan 23 (fri) Renal Ultrasound 10:0am, Urology 10:45am with Dr. Makari
Jan 28 (wed) PT 2:0pm
Jan 29 (thurs) 6 week eye f/u with Dr. Mitchell 11:15am
Jan 30 (fri) PT 2:00pm
Feb 10 (tues) Neurology f/u with Dr. Kleiman 10:00am
April 14 (tues) Audiology 9:0am, ENT 10:15am with Dr. Batti. Hearing test and office visit.


This is my stepdaughter Taylor. She is 11 and in the sixth grade. She is a good student. She is artistic and very good when it comes to electronics. She enjoys music and Hanna Montana. She likes to play Wii and DS.

Crabby Abby, before and after

Some before and after pics of Abby's eyes.


This is my wonderful fourth grader, Brooke. She is 9 years old and has many accomplishments. She has received Student of Month twice, Student of the Marking period, CMT award, and Perfect Attendance. Brooke plays soccer and is in her second season of basketball. She has improved a ton! She has played softball in the past as well as dance and ice skating. She is a great asset in the kitchen. She is a great big sister and a big help around the house.


This is Logan. He is my very handsome 7 year old. He is a great soccer player. He going to play basketball this year. In the past he has played hockey and t-ball. He is in second grade and he is a great student! His interests include Star Wars, Pokemon, Bakugan, Legos and playing his DS.

Abby's Admissions,Surgeries and Testing

The most common bacteria she has grown out is Ecoli. She has also grown out pseudonamonis.

April 2008- infection, inpatient
May 2008- infection, inpatient. Dx: urinary reflux left side grade IV
June 2008-infection, outpatient
June 25th, 2008- Deflux surgery, Dr. Kim
Sept 05, 2008-infection, outpatient
Sept 14, 2008-infection, inpatient
Sept 24, 2008-infection, inpatient
Nov 5, 2008-Ureteral Reimplantation,Dr. Makari
Nov 5, 2008-Eye surgery, Dr. Mitchell. esotropia, strabismus, nystagmus
Dec 25, 2008-infection, inpatient

Hypotonia(low tone, muscle weakness), not sure how severe. Followed by Neuro.
MRI: Normal
EEG: Normal
Chromosomes: Normal
Renal Ultralsound: no kidney damage. Dec showed fluid in left kidney.
VCUG: Showed grade IV reflux. Waiting to be redone in Feb or March.
BEAR: Mild hearing loss. Fluid in ears.

LINKS: (I wonder....)

Abby's Doctors

Dr. Kim & Makari: Urology, CCMC

Dr. Batti: ENT, CCMC seen in Glastonbury

Dr. Mitchell: Ophthalmology, CCMC seen in Glastonbury

Dr. Kleiman: Neurology, CCMC seen in Middletown

Dr. McDermott: Pediatrician, DKH seen in Plainfield