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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Vacation officially started at 7:20am on Tues. July 14, 2009. Renee wanted to leave by 4:30 but got out voted. Just for the record......I WAS up at 4am and making pancakes at 4:15am!

Once we got the family loaded up it was time to head to New Hampshire. We made one pit stop and arrived in North Conway by 11am. We stayed in Bartlett, NH at the North Colony Motel. The place was immaculate and very accommodating. The have a nice pool and a great play area for the kids. While in NH we went to Story Land, hit the outlets, went for a ride on the HOBO RAILROAD, took a walk to the Old Man in the Mountain, walked to the Basin, and Clark's Trading Post gift shop. The kids were very good and Abby was amazing. She still managed to nap on schedule and sleep through the night. At Story Land she went on several rides and played in the sand box.

On Friday it was time to head to Queensbury, NY to the Great Escape Lodge. We set the GPS to avoid freeways so we could take a nice scenic ride through NH and VT. It took about 4 hours to get there. The kids had no idea what we were going there for. When they ever saw the indoor water park, they flipped out!!!!! Once we checked into the rooms the kids went to the water park. We finally talked them into having dinner. They were such fish while we were there. There was also an arcade and other activities that you could pay for. On Sat. night, the kids did s'mores with Scooby Doo (Brooke's favorite character).

We went mini golfing one day, the guys went and played lazer tag and rode go carts while the girls hung out and rented a movie. One day I went into Lake George Village to scope things out. There were so many little shops (Eric still thinks I did not buy anything, lol...just kidding). I did get something small for all the kids.

We were having such a great time that we ended up staying one extra night. On Monday the kids went back to the lazy river (in the water park) for one last hurrah. We pack up the van and left about 10:45am and got home about 2:15pm.

Now we are tired, broke, hungry, and in a mess. Thinking about posting for a housekeeper on Craig's list because we got so spoiled on vacation...HA HA.


OK, I know it has been months since the last post but it is worth the wait!!!!!! Abigail has exploded in the last month. She started sensory integration therapy and crainosacral therapy.
The sensory therapy has been SO awesome for her. They do a lot of swinging, bouncing, brushing and vibrations on her. It seemed to us that right after her first appointment she was a different baby.

She is now getting into a sit by herself. She is still trying hard to get out of a sit the correct way. She is commando crawling and knows exactly where she wants to go and what she wants when she gets there! She is now eating many different textures and self feeding herself "finger foods". She is finally using a sippy cup and off the bottle!!!! WOO HOO!!!! She is doing great touching grass, sand and other textures and just starting to mouth objects.

And the best of all.......she is communicating! She now raises her arms to be picked up, reaches out for you, waves, blows kisses, gives high fives and is recognizing basic sign language and even doing the "more" sign herself.