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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School's In Session!

Well, it is that time of year. Brooke is in the 7TH grade, Logan is in 5TH, and Abigail is in Pre-K.

We met with the kids teachers in August and they all seemed to be very nice and the kids were happy. Abby continued school during the summer (what a slacker, lol). She is in the ILP, which is the Intensive Learning Program. She did really well. We just had her PPT and some changes were made, hopefully for the better. She is receiving PT, OT and speech through the school in addition to private OT. Our main concerns were with her SLP (speech language pathologist) because she was not on board with supporting things that have been working at home. Well, as it turns out she has a new SLP and they were together during the summer. YIPPEE!!!! Lots of goals have been set and so many seem attainable. She is blossoming so fast. Different sounds and occasionally a word :) Today she said car while playing all alone with her Barbie car!

Brooke and Logan are both playing soccer and now are both doing archery. They are amazing kiddos and prove that daily. It just stinks that they are not young enough to trick anymore, lol. They understand sarcasm and use it on each other. Oh boy, those teen years are coming!!

Eric's job is still horrible and I am still working part-time at the Pediatric Center. Things are crazier than ever with kids going in opposite directions almost everyday but we would not trade it for the world!