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Thursday, April 9, 2009

One Year and Easter Pictures


Abby had her urology appt. on 4/2. The ultrasound showed no fluid on the kidneys. The VCUG showed NO REFLUX!!!! She does not have to go back to urology for 1 whole year!!!! This is the best news we have gotten in a long time!!!! She may still be prone to getting bladder infections but at least they will not damage her kidneys. The Dr. says it will be more annoying than damaging. This kid has paid her dues!

The Gang

Report cards just came out and the kids did great!!!! Logan went up in a lot and Brooke made honor roll (again!). Soccer season just started. Both kids have practice on Wed. nights at 2 different fields, of course. Opening day is 4/25.

Abby is continuing with therapy and making strides every day. She still has out patient PT twice a week and in home PT twice a month. Now that she is one, she has a teacher once a month and OT twice a month.
We have an ENT follow up on 4/14 and a hearing test. She has neuro in May and the eye Dr. in June.

Look Who's One

Abby turned one on March 27th. We had a big party for her on the 28th. She was in such a good mood and had a great day. It was so great that all most all of our family and friend could be there. The theme of her party was Rubber Duckie. I made her a duck cake that actually came out pretty good. I also made her a "Crabby" Abby cake. Brooke and Logan made duck cut out cookies for the kids to frost at the party. The weather was beautiful and she got a lot of great gifts. There was way too much food!!!!