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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


OK, I know it has been months since the last post but it is worth the wait!!!!!! Abigail has exploded in the last month. She started sensory integration therapy and crainosacral therapy.
The sensory therapy has been SO awesome for her. They do a lot of swinging, bouncing, brushing and vibrations on her. It seemed to us that right after her first appointment she was a different baby.

She is now getting into a sit by herself. She is still trying hard to get out of a sit the correct way. She is commando crawling and knows exactly where she wants to go and what she wants when she gets there! She is now eating many different textures and self feeding herself "finger foods". She is finally using a sippy cup and off the bottle!!!! WOO HOO!!!! She is doing great touching grass, sand and other textures and just starting to mouth objects.

And the best of all.......she is communicating! She now raises her arms to be picked up, reaches out for you, waves, blows kisses, gives high fives and is recognizing basic sign language and even doing the "more" sign herself.

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