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Friday, May 20, 2011

It Has Been Way Too Long.....Brooke Update

So time flies bye so fast and so many things have happened. First let's Brooke.....

Brooke is now in 6th grade and an honor student. She just submitted an application to NJHS (national junior honor society). You must be selected just to fill out the application. She had a 300 word essay to write and we will know in June if she has made it or not. She is still playing oboe and singing. She was selected to sing a solo for jazz ensemble. She has made the QVSA travel soccer team. She was selected in the fall as a B player but had been brought up on a few occasions to play with the A team. She continued to play soccer during the winter indoors. Spring soccer has proven to be great so far. She is now a member of the A and B team. She is playing in the CT State Cup and has been playing so hard. She will be playing 5 games over Memorial Day weekend. She also played basketball for the school team this past fall, she was so excited to have made the team! She is also an avid archer. Eric's dad has gotten her completly addicted to archery and we have been told by many people that she is a natural. She has won medals and trophies and often beats the men!! She has learned to sign and can sing and sign many of Abby's favorite songs. She sews, knits and makes cakes. Abby's 3rd b-day cake is above.

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