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Friday, May 20, 2011

So What Is Logan Up To Now?????

Logan is now in the 4th grade and loving school. He is an honor roll student and really does well in all subjects. He is an avid reader these days and does a lot of journaling. He is still involved in The Young Marines. He was promoted to Private First Class Gustafson and just received Young Marine of the quarter. He has earned numerous ribbons (they are worn on the uniform) for various activities and community service. Above pics are him being promoted and the tin foil is food he had to cook at a cold weather encampment in March. It got down to 17 degrees that night. All food had to be cooked in the fire. Logan had hamburger for lunch and dinner was Fillet wrapped in bacon and corn that he had put lime and butter on. He had to tend to fire watch that night and construct a shelter. He is playing baseball this year. He broke his collar bone last June playing soccer so he has decided to try something else for now. He is into classical music and loves to take pictures on his MP3 player. He would like to do an act in his school's talent show this year so he is learning magic!!

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