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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today's ENT Appointment

Abby had her ENT follow up today. I am happy to report that her ears were free from fluid!!! Her initial hearing test that was done in December showed mild conductive hearing loss. It was decided at her appt. today that she would be followed up in 3 months with a regular hearing test and. Eric and I feel that she is hearing better. She reacts to sounds and her name from the side and behind, instead of straight on. Her balance also seems to be improved!


  1. about time you put her in that outfit!!!

  2. She's getting so big!! She's beautiful, which means she takes after Renee. You really need to get rid of that Dallas Cowboys blanket in the background. I'll bring you a Patriots blanet the next time we come over!

    Tell Brooke good job and keep it up! Uconn is calling her.