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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Abby's Admissions,Surgeries and Testing

The most common bacteria she has grown out is Ecoli. She has also grown out pseudonamonis.

April 2008- infection, inpatient
May 2008- infection, inpatient. Dx: urinary reflux left side grade IV
June 2008-infection, outpatient
June 25th, 2008- Deflux surgery, Dr. Kim
Sept 05, 2008-infection, outpatient
Sept 14, 2008-infection, inpatient
Sept 24, 2008-infection, inpatient
Nov 5, 2008-Ureteral Reimplantation,Dr. Makari
Nov 5, 2008-Eye surgery, Dr. Mitchell. esotropia, strabismus, nystagmus
Dec 25, 2008-infection, inpatient

Hypotonia(low tone, muscle weakness), not sure how severe. Followed by Neuro.
MRI: Normal
EEG: Normal
Chromosomes: Normal
Renal Ultralsound: no kidney damage. Dec showed fluid in left kidney.
VCUG: Showed grade IV reflux. Waiting to be redone in Feb or March.
BEAR: Mild hearing loss. Fluid in ears.

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