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Friday, January 9, 2009

Abby update

I have been doing a lot of searching online for different ideas, suggestions and thoughts regarding all of Ab's medical issues. I came across a message board and started talking with other moms. One suggestion for "tummy time" was to use a portable dvd player on the floor with her Baby Einstein video. It worked great!!! 20 min the first night and 16 min the second night.

Abby has really improved over the past week. She seems to be getting stronger and will now turn toward someone calling her name and some sounds!!!! She is rolling over like a mad woman from tummy to back. Now that she has master this skill, it has been so hard to keep her on her belly!! She rolls onto her sides easily and with help did roll from back to belly twice last night. Currently she wears a patch on her right eye for 2 hours a day to strengthen her left eye, which is just a little lazy. She loves to make eye contact and will laugh at just about anything!

Today is the last day of the meds for her infection and tomorrow she will go back on the preventative meds.

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